Kam Air

Kam Air is Afghanistan’s first private airline, with an ever-increasing schedule of domestic and international flights and founded on a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Kam International Oil

Kam International Oil is a joint Afghan-Azerbaijani business interest that processes domestic Afghan crude oil for local and regional consumption.

Kam Construction

Kam Construction has a strong record of small, medium, and large-scale construction projects, to include airport construction, bridge building, and road rehabilitation.

Meeting Afghanistan's
Oil Demands

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Kam Logistics

Kam Logistics assists its clients by delivering goods and services throughout Afghanistan, to include difficult to access provincial locations.

Kam Trading

Kam Group started as a family import/export company, and continues to excel in meeting the demands of Afghan consumers and exporting Afghan products abroad.

Afghanistan Payment

Afghanistan Payment provides bulk sale of mobile phone credit and mass sending of SMSes, as well as assisting company’s in implementing the latest technologies.