Kam Group subsidiary companies have been operating in Afghanistan for the past five decades, with the Group's origins in the Kamgar family’s import/export and logistics businesses. Since 2001, Kam Group has become a full-fledged group of companies operating in a number of sectors, to include aviation, oil refinement, and technology services.

Our Vision

  • Developing Local Capacity

    Kam Group is committed to on-the-job technical training for Afghan staff in the fields of aviation, oil refinement, and other skill-intensive fields.

  • Investing in Afghanistan

    Kam Group continues to re-invest earnings back into Afghan business ventures, from increasing its oil refinement capacity to expanding domestic and international air routes.

  • Cultivating Regional and International Trade

    Afghanistan is at the cross-roads of Central Asia, and Kam Group is intent to see the country resume its historic status as a regional trade hub.

Our Principles

High Quality Products and Services

Kam Group has built its reputation on its ability to consistently deliver exceptional products and services, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Meeting Market Demands

With its deep roots in Afghanistan and its engagement with the Afghan economy, Kam Group can identify market demands and meet them.

Industry Leadership

Kam Group subsidiary companies have shown they can not only pave the way in their respective sectors, but continue to set the bar for excellence.

International Standards

In all of its ventures, Kam Group strives to not only set the standard in Afghanistan, but also to meet all relevant international standards for a particular product or service.

Kam Foundation

All of Kam Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives fall under the umbrella of the Kam Foundation. These activities include providing discounted airfare for medical treatment of children abroad, the transport of the remains of Afghan security forces personnel killed in action, and other charitable activities.

Kam Group is proud of its Afghan roots, and we are proud to be headquartered here. We hope that with the Kam Foundation we can give back to the country that given us so much.

Zamarai Kamgar - Chairman